Monday, September 05, 2005

State of the CSO : 2005

For the past three years, CSO magazine has conducted its “State of the CSO" survey in an effort to define the role of the chief security officer (CSO), to understand the components of the job, the challenges, priorities, and to capture job specifics like salary and tenure.

A number of trends are emerging: The old “geeks and guards” stereotypes which may have had more than a faint ring of truth five or 10 years ago, appears to be fading away. The lines between information security and corporate security are blurring as companies combine these once very separate functions into one. And the head of security increasingly lists IT, law enforcement, the military as well as auditing and business operations in their background. Overall, there’s evidence that the influence of security executives within their organizations is on the upswing.

Managements' approach toward security also seems to be dramatically maturing according to the scorecard below :

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