Tuesday, August 30, 2005

InformationWeek 2005 Security Survey

InformationWeek Research's U.S. Information Security Survey 2005, conducted in July and August in partnership with management-consulting firm Accenture, has been released last week.

A detailed writeup on the survey can be found here.

When asked if their organizations were more vulnerable to malicious code attacks and security breaches than a year ago, only 16% of survey participants say things have gotten worse. The survey was done before Zotob hit though, and the much-talked-about lull in worm attacks--it had been more than a year since Blaster and Sasser ripped through business networks--shouldn't be interpreted as an "all's clear" sign.

The survey, completed on the Web by 2,540 business-technology and security professionals in the United States, shows that the IT community recognizes the ugliness of the situation, even if it overestimates its readiness. Of those respondents who believe their companies are as vulnerable, or more so, than a year ago, 78% point to the increasing sophistication of threats as the cause for their anxieties. Other top concerns are that there are more types of attacks, they're growing in volume, and they're increasingly malicious in nature.
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