Thursday, August 25, 2005

Telewest gives free security services

UK cable company Telewest is offering a free managed PC security service, called PCGuard, to 850,00 of its Blueyonder ISP customers.

The company was recently forced to blacklist around one million customers over fears a great many of them were unknowingly running compromised PCs which were pumping out spam. At the time the company said security improvements were on the way and today it unveiled PCguard which will offer a firewall, a pop-up blocker, antivirus, anti-spyware, greater parental controls and automatic updates. The service is provided by Canadian managed security service provider Radialpoint. Existing customers will be able to download the service from the Telewest Web site and new customers will get the security components included on their installation CD.

ISPs have increasingly been called upon to take action over the security and integrity of data travelling over their networks. The PCguard service will be "a huge differentiator" between Telewest and a number of its rivals. This is a trend setting event and expect other ISP's to follow suit.
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