Thursday, August 25, 2005

Web of Crime series

PCWorld has published an excellent 5-part series entitled "Web of Crime" which discusses how organised criminals are moving in on the web for financial gain. It discusses how you or your organisation may be the next target of a new breed of professional Internet criminals, who now apply underworld tactics to the Web. Cybercrime is becoming the "cocaine trade of the new century."

We have discussed previously on this blog how we are moving from "pranksters to pro's" in Organised crime gets in on the action, RansomWare , Virus writers go under the radar and Professional cybercrime takes hold .

But this 5-part series is undoubtably the quintessential reference work on this topic and is entertaininly written, well hyperlinked and definately worth the read.

Day 1: Enter the Professionals
Day 2: Zombie PC Armies Designed to Suck Your Wallet Dry
Day 3: Web Gangs Go Global
Day 4: Internet Sieges Cost Businesses a Bundle
Day 5: Who's Catching the Cybercrooks?
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