Friday, August 05, 2005

Jericho Forum Challenge winners announced

#160 Researchers from a Swedish security software house, have scooped the first Jericho Forum Challenge at the BlackHat convention in Las Vegas. Tomas Olovsson & Jamie Bodley-Scott of Appgate won the prize for their paper, "Balancing the Equation; Enterprises moving to the de-perimeterised world need to adopt a ‘core’ mentality based on controlled access to systems", which was one of eight papers submitted.

They proposed replacing a central firewall with a set of distributed firewalls throughout the network. These can be co-ordinated and managed from a central server but provide individual protection for users and applications and make them invisible to unauthorised people. The Challenge was set up to find tools that fit the Forum's idea of what computer security architecture is needed in three to five years time; flexible systems don’t rely just on building a security perimeter but on hardening of all levels of data.

Second place went to P. A. Galwas & A. Peck - nCipher "A reference architecture to achieve safety in a de-perimeterised world that is predicated upon mutual authentication and confidentiality." Download their paper here.

This event is more important that the cursory glance gives it credit for - we posted an article on the Jericho Forum and its importance in shaping the future a while back. I feel the output of this forum will have a large impact on future architectures for ultimate deperimiterisation, which must first be achieved through re-perimiterisation.
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