Friday, July 29, 2005

Pulled presentation spreads like wildfire

#143 As predicted, the Cisco-Lynn affair has spread like wildfire on the blognet and reportedly the presentation in question that was pulled by Cisco and ISS from the Black Hat proceedings (The Holy Grail: Cisco IOS Shellcode And Exploitation Techniques) is already available for download with several blogs linking to the site where the presentation is available.

Reportedly, thousands of copies have been downloaded and the wires are saturated. It would seem that this whole furore has actually led to more copies of the presentation being spread than Cisco or ISS would have wished.

Clicking on the heading link in this blog will take you to a Technorati search for all blogs mentioning Cisco and Lynn, but beware as there are a LOT of entries as the blognet is bulging with this story with discussions of ethical/responsible disclosure, good citizenship and conspiracy theories abounding..

However I am still convinced the opportunity exists for Cisco to make good on this one and hopefully we can expect some positive noises from their side soon.
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