Thursday, August 04, 2005

First car Bluetooth exploit demoed

#157 This car vulnerability thing just won't go away. See Car computers at risk from viruses and Cars safe from viruses....for now. At first it was viruses we needed to be concerned about but it looks like the first demonstrable bluetooth exploit is more subtle. Released late last week at the "What the Hack" computer security conference in Liempde, Netherlands, Car Whisperer is software that tricks the hands-free Bluetooth systems installed in some cars into connecting with a remote Linux computer so hackers can eavesdrop what you are saying in your vehicle or even "gatecrash" your in-car conversation.

Using a special directional antenna that allowed the extention of the normally short range of Bluetooth connections to about a mile, a demonstration was able to listen and send audio to about 10 cars over a one-hour period. The best way to avoid being "Car Whispered" is to simply connect the in-car system to a Bluetooth phone, because only one such device can be connected at a time.

If you happen to hear a disembodied computer voice tell you to "drive more carefully" next time you're behind the wheel, you've probably met the Car Whisperer. The Car Whisperer software, which includes an audio clip that says, "Hello there. This is the Trifinite Car Whisperer. Drive carefully," can be found at Trifinite's Web site.
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