Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Car computers at risk from viruses

#150 It would seem that this issue is raising its head again, after we reported on it in a previous blog entry, Cars safe from viruses...for now when after exhaustive testing, Finnish security firm F-Secure has failed to make a virus leap from a mobile phone handset to a car's onboard communications system.

According this the CNN article linked in this blogs heading, car industry officials and analysts say hackers' growing interest in writing viruses for wireless devices puts auto computer systems at risk of infection. As carmakers adjust on-board computers to allow consumers to transfer information with MP3 players and mobile phones, they also make their vehicles vulnerable to mobile viruses that jump between devices via the Bluetooth technology that connects them.

The maturation of the mobile virus threat was brought to the fore with the launch of the worlds' first mobile phone virus web site 2 months ago.
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