Thursday, June 02, 2005

Do you know about the Jericho Forum? - #61

This is a group you seriously ought to know about if you're involved in the security industry (if you don't already.)

Ever wondered why we suddenly have this proliferation of integrity architectures such as Cisco's NAC, Microsoft's NAP and TCG's TNC? Well, its customer driven and The Jericho Forum is an international forum of influential IT customer and vendor organisations who recognize that over the next few years, as technology and business continue to align closer to an open, Internet-driven world, the current security mechanisms that protect business information will not scale to meet the increasing volumes of transactions and data of the future. Their influence on this proliferation and evolvement of client integrity and admission controlled architectures is not to be underestimated.

In 2002, Royal Mail established an informal network of interested organisations to explore the potential to develop common security architectures to support de-perimeterised business-to-business networking. The need for such standards has been growing for many years as organisations seek to exploit the business potential of the Internet, while at the same time tackling the increasing problem of the 'disappearing perimeter'. In this regard, de-perimeterisation is the goal; re-perimeterisation is the progression towards reaching the goal.

The Jericho Forum's Vision, Mission, and roadmap, are described in a Visioning White Paper ( which is publicly available - it is a highly recommended read if you are interested in how security architectures will rapidly evolve over the next two years. After reading the paper you will be astounded how closely it maps to what NAC and NAP and TNC are promising.
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