Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Great De-Perimiterization Debate

I have been harping on about the Jericho Forum for some time now (see Do you know about the Jericho Forum? ) .The mission of its seven dozen members, which include Barclays Bank, Boeing and Eli Lilly, is to make the IT industry aware that it needs a new style of access control and data integrity product that pushes control deep inside intranets.

This week, winners of the much anticipated Jericho Forum contest were announced (see Jericho Forum Challenge winners announced .) The winning security architecture, "Balancing the Equation; Enterprises moving to the de-perimeterised world need to adopt a ‘core’ mentality based on controlled access to systems", was one of eight papers submitted.

Now NetworkWorld has published an excellent face-off debate on the winning architecture, and de-perimiterisation in general. The face-off looks at four viewpoints,

  1. "De-perimiterisation is the way forward for security" and
  2. "Jericho forum paper misses the mark" and
  3. "Are firewalls expendable?"
  4. "Firewalls: Jericho winner paints a new security picture"

This is really a must read for security practioners and customers alike... very topical.

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