Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Symantec buys Sygate

The stakes in the "Admission Controlled Infrastructures"/"Integrity Architectures"/"Endpoint Integrity" security market have just got a whole lot bigger. Security powerhouse Symantec has bought compliance specialist Sygate. If you recall, Sygate has been building products to check the integrity, security and compliance of endpoint PC's, servers and mobile devices since aunty fell off the bus-probably even invented the concept.

Sygate, based in Fremont, Calif., sells software to help customers comply with regulations by ensuring that servers, PCs and mobile devices meet security requirements. Its software also governs which devices are permitted access to which network resources. Sygate has about 200 employees. The market for corporate software products is consolidating, and Symantec is among those bulking up. In addition to the $10.5 billion it paid for Veritas, Symantec spent nearly $500 million in the previous year to pick up TurnTide, Brightmail, On Technology and SafeWeb.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this approach to security is the next big wave - there are just too many big hitters like Cisco, 3Com, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee etc. all pitching their integrity architecture wares. The question is which one will prevail, and how will customers react to the myriad of alternatives available out there? Will they hold back until one emerges as a leader? This is a crucial time now for those wanting their approaches to prevail - it will all depend on adoption. The big fish are going to be hunting down early adopters...and that is the battlefield where this war will be won.

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