Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Phishers hit 79 brands in April - #71

A report into April's phishing activity by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) showed that 2854 phishing sites hijacked 79 brands in April 2005.

The bulk were financial institutions but ISPs made up over 10 per cent of targets for the first time, and phishing attacks against retail companies rose sharply during the month.The research also revealed that phishers are getting smarter in their attempts to fool the public. A lot of recent phishing sites use 'hijacked' servers where the scam is located on the domain of a legitimate enterprise to which the phisher has gained remote access. This gives the scammers the advantage of having a link that leads to a legitimate domain that cannot be blacklisted.

The US still hosts more phishing sites than any other country at 26.3 per cent, but China is catching up fast at 22 per cent. The APWG report suggests that the increasing availability of broadband is driving phishing in China.

This problem just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Actually, the more I visit the APWG web site, the more interesting the phishing topic becomes to me. Give it a try (click on this blog heading)
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