Friday, June 03, 2005

Security Guide for SMB's - #65

You know, I am constantly amazed by how few people know or have heard of SANS outside the USA. Especially customers. SANS are a fantastic and dynamic resource for information.

Here is a real little gem that i picked up on their site, a "Network Security Guide for small to medium sized businesses". Its very basic, but I've been to a few SMB customers that are starting from scratch (literally, a router connected to the Internet and no firewall I kid you not) and I couldn't help thinking what a useful guide this would be for them.

If some SMB's could do the ten things mentioned in this little paper they would be 500% better off than they are today. (actually if some large enterprises could do this they would be better of as well) I liked the easy,simple language used in the document - something critical for SMBs where the IT manager is the CEO and a whole bunch of other things rolled up as well!
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