Saturday, June 04, 2005

Where to for McAfee? - #66

Microsoft Corp.'s looming shadow in the security market appears to have done little to slow McAfee Inc., one of the few major pure-play vendors in the market. The company last month reported a healthy first quarter, its consumer business is booming, and Wall Street analysts appear to be bullish on the company's prospects, at least for the short term.

But moves are afoot to extend its enterprise play beyond its traditional desktop AV/FW market and there are plans to bring new risk management and network access control products to market early next year. Their aquisition of Intruvert for some $300M odd last year was a masterstroke as they have enjoyed incredible success with their flagship IntruShield IPS appliance and earlier this year it was followed by the Foundstone purchase (no prizes for guessing where the risk management play is going to come from).

The aquisition of Wireless Security yesterday also hints that they are not going to let their core consumer business flounder, and may have more than a casual eye on the SMB market.Wireless Security's technology will be bundled with McAfee's core products, including its Internet Security Suite, VirusScan and Personal Firewall. The technology will also be integrated into McAfee's Managed VirusScan, a product for small businesses.

The link in this postings top headline takes you to a very interesting interview with McAfee's President, Gene Hodges, who talks through their strategy for the Enterprise Networking security market. I think we can expect another Integrity Architecture making its arrival soon, but something tells me this one is going to be a little different - it has to be, as its getting pretty crowded out there with NAC, NAP and TNC!
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