Monday, June 06, 2005

Executives guides to Security - #70

As compliance drives security spending and top management teams become more involved in dealing with compliance and security issues, it was inevitable that some executive guides would start appearing.

Well, Realtime Publishers has been involved in some independant authoring of these guides, sponsored by vendors, and the results have been excellent. In a previous blog on the 20th May(go to the archives to find it) , we spoke about the excellent "Executive Guide to Compliance", the first ebook published by Realtime. They have continued this success with another superb set of publications sponsored by NetIQ. As I've stated previously this is a different publishing model in that the sponsor does not have a hand in the writing of the publication, merely the funding of it and its an excellent approach to ensure unbiased subject matter without the normal vendor propaganda and product pitches.

This time they have authored a guide of 3 compliance e-books and whilst their previous Executive Guide to Compliance discussed the compliancy issues themselves, this series discusses suggested execution - so is an excellent follow-on series.

Book 1:The Executive’s Guide to Assuring Compliance
I have read these guides and I must say they are a highly recommended read, both for us as security integrators and service providers, to better understand our clients and for the clients themselves struggling with understanding the compliance issues.
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