Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More data security laws sprout

#74 Further to the blog posted on 19th May (click here) where we predicted a rash of data protection legislation in the US:

Laws at the federal and state levels in the USA are altering the landscape for sharing and protecting sensitive customer information, just as widely publicized breaches at companies like Bank of America, ChoicePoint, DSW Shoe Warehouse, and LexisNexis have focused attention on the problem of ID theft. InformationWeek reports that several states, including Arkansas, Georgia, Montana, and North Dakota, have implemented ID-theft laws patterned after a law in California, and many other states have legislation pending. Observers say a national ID-theft-protection bill also is likely to be enacted.

Expect similar laws to reach west accross the Atlantic and east accross the Pacific in 18 months or shorter...As discussed in blog entry #51 on 30th May, it is a sad thing that we need regulation to drive corporates to do the right thing but it seems inevitable that laws and regulations will play a larger and larger role in dictating security spending.
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