Friday, October 14, 2005

Asian InfoSec in firefighting mode

While security is moving up the priority ladder of businesses, organizations are still looking at security on a piecemeal basis. Here are some insights from CSO Online on the findings of the Global State of Information Security 2005 in the geography that matters most to Asia--Asia.

No Strategy and bleeding...: 67 percent of Asian respondents suffered financial losses and 50 percent experienced intellectual property theft. Even so, most continue to be focused on tactical matters such that only 33 percent of Asian respondents have an overall security strategy and only another 22 percent plan to create a strategy within the next year.

...but trying to start at the top...: About 32 percent of Asian respondents reported that their company employs a CSO or CISO. In terms of organizational structure, 57 percent of respondents in Asia report to either the CEO or the Board of Directors while 32 percent report to the CIO.

...and not shy to spend... : Globally, security budgets, as a percentage of overall IT budget, increased from an average of 11 percent in 2004 to 13 percent in 2005. In Asia, that figure is even more encouraging, at 16 percent.

...on their top concerns... : Asian companies have indicated that potential liability (43% of respondents), legal/regulatory requirements (42%) and common industry practices (40%) are the reasons for investment in security.

..despite challenges:Despite the upbeat note, companies still cite limited budget (55%) and limited staff dedicated to security (44%) as the top two barriers to security in Asia, mirroring the rest of the world.

Priorities for 2006: In Asia, the top three process-related priorities in the area of security for next year are business continuity/disaster recovery plans (37%), active monitoring/ analysis of information security intelligence such as vulnerability reports & log files (36%), and auditing/ monitoring user compliance with security policies (33%).

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