Thursday, October 13, 2005

1st TNC products launched

This happened faster than I thought. Funk Software has announced the first commercial Endpoint Integrity Solution based on Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect (TNC) standards.

The standards-based approach ensures interoperability and scalability; Steel-Belted Radius/Endpoint Assurance and Odyssey 802.1x Client are compatible with security and infrastructure products from McAfee, Inc., Symantec, PatchLink, and ProCurve Networking by HP. Funk Software’s new Endpoint Assurance products are built upon the open standards developed by the Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect (TNC) subgroup, which is dedicated to defining and promoting an open solution architecture to ensure endpoint integrity. With endpoint integrity products based on the TNC standards, enterprises can leverage existing technology and use the best-of-breed products of their choice, avoiding the restraints of a proprietary architecture.

This option joins Cisco's NAC, Cisco's Clean Access Appliances and other appliances from the likes of Sygate, as viable commercial options for customers to start rolling out endpoint integrity solutions in 2006. Maintaining network integrity is a key objective of most enterprises as they define their IT and security objectives for 2006, but most enterprises have delayed deployment until a solution demonstrating true multi-vendor compatibility became available.

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