Friday, October 14, 2005

Improvements to this site

There have been numerous improvements made to this site, some based on all the excellent and constructive feedback I have received from the readership.

Daily Email digest : You can now receive a daily digest of blog updates in addition to the monthly digest. We are using the new and excellent FeedBlits service to do this, which works off the FeedBurner RSS feeds. A dialogue box now appears in the sidebar of the site to allow you to subscribe/unsubscribe to the daily digest. Later on we will introduce functionality to allow you to set personalised filters on the content you would like to receive in this digest.

Sidebar re-arrangement : The sidebar has been rearranged to have the most popularly used sections on the top, such as the Technorati blog-search function, previous posts, opinion pieces and so forth.

Categories Archive : Blogger does not support categories, but I have found a workaround using Technorati. You will now see a CATEGORIES ARCHIVE in the sidebar that provides a listing of all archived entries according to predefined categories. To allow for more focussed and accurate category searching in the future you will note that all postings now have their associated categories listed at the bottom. The categories currently listed are just a start - I will refine them over time.

Opinions and Insight : There is a new sidebar section for "Opinion pieces and Insight". These are basically posts straight from observations and reflections of what I see in the market or with interaction with clients and are normally 100% original content. I may link to various previous postings to re-inforce ideas etc. The headings of these postings will not link to any source article.

Feature Stories : These are crafted into 3 or 5 part series of themed topics. The stories will evolve over a period of weeks depending on my time availability. The content will be original 70% of the time, but from time to time I come accross multi-part features in the press and will include them as well. Feature stories also appear in their own section in the side-bar.

BuzzBoost : BuzzBoost gives you a snippet of JavaScript you can paste into your own web-site page templates that lists the days' story headlines with 20 words of the story text. The headline is hyperlinked to the original full story on Security Wrap. The script is shown below:

Headline Animator: Create an animated GIF image that is a rotating banner and cycles through this sites five most recent items. Clicking on the story takes you to the web site for the full content. You can copy and paste JavaScript code into your web page, email signature or discussion board profile. Look below to see the sample together with the required JavaScript:

Security Wrap Team

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