Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ciphertrust launches IM solution

I don't normally write about new product announcements unless they are a first or a game changing event. Given all the airtime I have given Instant Messaging (IM) though, I thought that this was worth blogging about.

Ciphertrust has launched the first solution that integrates policy to secure, log, monitor and encrypt enterprise IM communications in addition to enterprise email messaging. This is starting to offer a very compelling value prop for overall "Enterprise Messaging Security" - one gateway box with one set of management tools for email and IM. The launch of CipherTrust's IronIM is part of the company's ongoing strategy to provide unified security protection across multiple messaging protocols.

Enterprise IM was up until now the domain of the likes of BlueCoat or focussed IM vendors such as Facetime or IMLogic, but this brings a very different spin of things to the party.

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