Friday, September 23, 2005

Mobile virus jumps to PC's

The news on mobile phone viruses has been stepping up over the last few months. The volume of mobile-device malicious software has been rising rapidly, with 83 different viruses emerging within just a 14-month period. Among the threats were the Fontal.A Trojan horse in April, the CommWarrior Trojan and the infamous Cabir virus.

Now the first ever instance of these viruses jumping from phones to your PC have been reported in this article . After some thought, this had me concerned. What if a virus/spyware on your PC could jump to your phone or PDA? To my mind, phones and PDA's are always connected to your PC to synchronise contacts and calenders, so this should not be such a major feat. But imagine the consequences. If I was a virus writer I wouldnt be bothering with bluetooth replication etc. I would use the gazzilion already-infected PC's out there as my launch platform for infecting phones.

Guaranteed within 6 months we will see this happening...

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