Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Symantec peer-2-peer survey

It resembles "earnings season" this month with all the various security related survey results coming out.

Symantec’s second Peer-to-Peer survey focused on security strategy, sampling the issues, priorities and plans of IT specialists, managers and executives at mid- to large enterprises worldwide. The sample, covering a broad range of industries and professional roles, identified traditional security concerns including unauthorized access and malicious code as still the most significant issues. But it flagged online fraud by professional criminals as the fastest-growing threat, and one against which protections continue to be inadequate through the near future. In their own work, these security professionals emphasize a broad range of protections, with incident-response and risk-assessment strategies key priorities. The group sees security appliances as a "breakout" security technology, expects improvements in mobile security solutions, and is skeptical of educational and cooperative initiatives. Budget issues stand out among today’s barriers to better security, but many see shortages of skilled personnel overtaking them as limits to security improvement.

Click on the link title or here to download the PDF report.

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