Friday, September 16, 2005

Security increases employee productivity

According to a recent Maritz Research poll, companies looking for ways to increase employee productivity may find the answers in enhanced computer security measures.

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech work environment, employees rely on computers to perform most job functions. The latest Maritz® Poll, which surveyed IT managers in small and medium businesses, reveals the repercussions of computer viruses and other security problems, and their correlation to downtime on the job. Of those surveyed, nearly all (92 percent) reported that computer performance levels were affected by up to 50 percent due to security issues.

Some of the security issues affecting productivity include the following:

  • 75 percent of small and medium businesses were hit by at least one virus, with some affected over 100 times, in the past year.
  • 40 percent of respondents have been hit by hackers at least once, with some targeted more than 200 times, in the past year.

This is compounded by the common knowledge that virtually every computer with Internet access is assaulted with a barrage of adware, spyware and spam daily. Despite these serious security and spam issues and the obvious reduction in employee productivity some respondents still are not defending themselves against potential threats:

  • 29 percent don’t use anti-spam software.
  • 34 percent don’t use spyware software.
  • 4 percent don’t use anti-virus software.
  • 47 percent don’t use adware software.
  • 9 percent don’t have Internet firewalls.

Considering the sophistication of today’s virus attacks, small and medium businesses need to take a closer look at both their preventive and responsive IT security measures. The potential return on investment is obvious.

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