Friday, September 16, 2005

Dial VoIP for vulnerability

CIO magazine have published a really excellent and entertaining 5 page article on the in-securities of VoIP peppered with real world customer practicle examples and quotes. This is a highly recommened read, I enjoyed it and will share it with clients.

Phone service is abruptly cut off at a Wall Street brokerage after a hacker launches a full-scale denial-of-service attack, flooding the firm's voice servers with registration requests. An Internet worm makes its way from a retail giant's data network to its voice network, shutting down call centers and costing millions in lost revenue. An imposter enters the phone network of a top government agency and makes away with classified information by spoofing his caller ID. Sound far-fetched? According to security experts, such scenarios are not only plausible, they may be inevitable as companies and government agencies around the world scrap their traditional circuit-switched phone systems and move to voice over IP (VoIP).

Read it here...
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