Friday, July 29, 2005

IBM pushes mainframe security

#139 At first when I read this story I thought it mildy amusing, but taking all the recent halaboo around data security breaches and storage security into account I could only admire IBM capitalising on all the noise. Seems they would have us go back to mainframes to be more secure...

Mainframes were considered dinosaurs in the midst of the personal computer revolution and nearly written off for dead when server farms composed of lower-cost Intel or Unix machines from rival like Sun Microsystems Inc. were all the rage in the Internet era. However it would seem there has been somewhat a resurgence in mainframe revenues and IBM seem to think that the security issues are likely to spurn this on.

IBM is upgrading it's mainframes to alleviate data security lapses, double the processing power and spur sales growth. The Boston Globe reports that it's the first upgrade of IBM's base product line in two years and the greater data-crunching power will allow its mainframe computers to secure consumer financial and health records from prying eyes. The new line is called z9 and is the ninth generation of IBM's z-Series mainframes. IBM believes that encrypting everything in the servers will better protect consumer medical and financial data.

You can also read a Gartner research note :"IBM Targets Security Issues with its new Mainframe" where they observe "Organizations seeking to allay security concerns should look to the IBM mainframe as one significant piece of a comprehensive approach to safeguarding corporate data. "
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