Thursday, July 28, 2005

Security when outsourcing offshore

#138 With all the high profile data breaches in the last two months, all eyes have been turned on the booming offshoring market as a probable massive security risk. Many of these outsourced operations involve handling and processing customer transactions and sensitive personal information, exposing outsourcing facilities to the same risk of data theft occurring domestically.

As U.S. businesses, policy-makers and security experts work to stem the tide of data thefts, an equal or greater vulnerability lurks overseas -- the level of network and physical security at outsourced operations of U.S. corporations. (see previous blog India to tighten data security laws ).

Paul Henry of CyberGuard returned from visiting outsourcing facilities in Southeast Asia and India last month and offers advice to U.S. companies on securing their outsourcing operations abroad and protecting customer data. This is the first such article/paper I have come accross on this topic and it is really worthwhile reading.
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