Friday, May 20, 2005

Dummies Guide to Network Compliance & Security

Folks, I have had very positive response from people who read my blog article on the compliance e-book last week. It would seem that this is going to be a classic.

I am re-posting about this ebook today to ensure some of you don't miss the previous article buried in the blog archives for last week, and urge you to glance through it. Its really the only "Dummies guide to compliance" I have managed to find yet.

Get tips from experts on how to approach network security & compliance. In this free eBook, IT professionals will receive valuable advice on how to meet industry standards (SOX, HIPAA), implement best practices (ITIL) and adhere to corporate security standards. Topics include: * Understanding IT Compliance & Security; * Traditional Compliance Techniques; *IT Compliance & Security for Today; * Compliance Best Practices.,293857,sid14_gci1071988,00.html?track=Net_Sec

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