Thursday, May 19, 2005

Storage managers site security as top concern

As a telling sign that security is becoming more a horizontal competence than a vertical one, and that security functionality will converge into the networking and systems fabric over time, it was revealed that protecting and securing data is the greatest challenge in storage management, according to a survey released last Monday by CompTIA, an IT trade association.

Security was cited as the top concern by one-third of 660 storage management execs surveyed between January and March. Management and administration of stored data was the second highest concern, cited by 17% of respondents, followed by speed of access to stored data (10%), and making data more accessible (8%).

No doubt all the recent fuss around some 2 million identities being lost from high profile data brokers and corporations and legislators pressing hard as response to the recent shocking revelations will lend further impetus to this concern.
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