Friday, May 20, 2005

3Com to integrate IPS with switches and routers

It seems that everyone is on the convergence bandwaggon following the Juniper,Microsoft and Cisco announcements of embedding security into their core fabrics.

3Com later this year will integrate its intrusion-prevention gear (from the Tipping Point aquisition) with its network equipment in an effort to let customers quarantine attacks by shutting down switch ports and redirecting users to restricted virtual LANs.The company's network switches will respond to commands from its TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that sits in-line with traffic, inspecting packets to Layer 7 at wire speed and throttling or blocking suspicious traffic. The IPS will be packaged in blades that plug into 3Com switches and routers. 3Com bought TippingPoint last year.

According to the article, "With the new capabilities, the IPS can make switches close ports or shunt traffic to secure VLANs to quarantine devices and network segments where worms are found"

I'm sure it has to be more than that though and wonder whether they are going to develop their own type of NAC solution or joing the TNC consortium, since adaptive security is surely more than detecting and quarantining attacks - what about checking the identity and integrity of the devices connecting to the network in the first place?
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