Thursday, May 19, 2005

Learn from others mistakes!

Here is a well written article describing what we can learn from the lax security in corporate America following recent revelations at Bank of America, Ameritrade, LexisNexus, ChoicePoint, Polo Ralph Lauren, America Online and so on.

Going, going, gone are the days when gross security breaches can be shielded from public scrutiny. The California Security Breach Information Act, for example, requires state agencies and businesses that collect personal information from Californians to promptly disclose certain security lapses or face severe penalties.

Is it out of bounds to call it a sad state of affairs when politicians have to move in to protect what sterling IT outfits can’t seem to stay on top of?

The speed the situation improves will depend largely upon how much IT can watch and learn from the mistakes of others. In the spirit of minimizing your company’s risk and sparing you the awkwardness of pulling executives aside to darken their day, here are a few of the nastier moments in this year’s computer security journal, and expert advice on what you have to do to get a better night’s sleep.
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