Friday, January 27, 2006

EU Data Security Failings

Businesses across Europe are failing to secure their critical business data, despite its importance to the business, a survey of 150 IT directors has revealed. The research, covering organisations in the UK, France and Germany, suggests that companies regard data security as a lower priority than the security of the rest of their IT systems.

Across the three countries surveyed only 25% of companies listed corporate data as an asset on their balance sheets, the survey by Embacadero and Vanson Bourne found. Some 66% of organisations listed their networks, servers and applications as a security priority, but only 15% listed corporate data, and just 6% said the security of their databases was a priority. Roughly 50% said they would have difficulty making data available if they kept it secure.

More than 25% of firms felt their organisations did not have a thorough understanding of their legal obligations for corporate data. Less than 50% were able to grade their corporate data in order of importance, and 25% treated all data as of equal value, the research revealed.
Data management was a higher priority in the UK - where it was rated as an issue by 67% of IT directors- than in France (51%), or Germany (40%), the survey found.

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