Friday, January 27, 2006

"Robin Hood" hacker convicted

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor might have worked for Robin Hood, but it landed hacker Thomas Gawith in court on six charges of computer crime. Gawith pleaded guilty before Judge Gregory Ross in Palmerston North District Court yesterday and was convicted and remanded on bail until March 2 for sentencing.

Prosecutor Sergeant Johnny Ireland claimed the defendant had purchased access codes for Kiwibank accounts and using a computer at a house where he was staying in Tauranga had taken money from those who had it and given it to those who didn't. On June 7 last year he had taken a total of about $7700 from three accounts. The next day he broke into three more, taking $6050.

Gawith told police he thought he had not done anything wrong because he hadn't kept any of the money for himself, Sgt Ireland said. Kiwibank restored the money to the correct accounts as soon as the Gawith's transactions were discovered.

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