Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Cisco vulnerabilities

In a continuation of last years' trend, and predictions by SANS and the community in general that IOS flaws will become more of a target over time, Cisco warned that new flaws in its Systems software (IOS) for routers and IP telephony could be a conduit for attacks on enterprise networks.

On Wednesday, it released two security alerts along with fixes for Cisco CallManager, which runs internet based phone calling. Two flaws exist in the software: One could allow an attacker to paralyze a Cisco IP telephony installation, the other could allow someone with read-only access to the system to gain full privileges, according to the alerts. The denial-of-service problem in CallManager exists because the software does not manage certain network connections well, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. "This may then lead to phones not responding, phones unregistering from the Cisco CallManager, or Cisco CallManager restarting," according to the company's advisory.

Cisco also patched a vulnerability in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS), which runs the routers and switches that make up much of the plumbing of corporate networks and the Internet. A feature called the Stack Group Bidding Protocol in certain versions of IOS is vulnerable to a remotely-exploitable denial of service condition, according to a company advisory.

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