Wednesday, November 09, 2005

IT Facts Security Roundup

80% of companies leak confidential information via IM systems
About 80% of companies studied by Reconnex had some form of confidential data pass through their instant messaging systems in August-September 2005. Just 10-13% of companies had sensitive data pass into secured email systems.

Executives worry about security (26%) and costs (23%)
Economist Intelligence Unit and AT&T polled 236 executives in 50 countries regarding their top concerns. Security was ranked first at 26%, followed by implementation costs at 23% and the cost of new equipment at 19%.

58% of IT executives measure security through manual reporting
According to Preventsys survey of 385 IT executives on IT security measurement, 58% of respondents indicate they measure security through manual reporting, relying on spreadsheets and email to track, report and share information. 4% have an entirely automated process for security reporting, while the remainder used a mixed approach.

22 atacks on P2P networks in October 2005
Posted by ZDNet Research @ 12:10 am
Akonix Systems tracked 22 new attacks on P2P networks in October 2005, a 19% increase over September 2005.

80% of Internet users worried about identity theft
Some 80% of Internet users say they're at least somewhat concerned someone could steal their identity from personal information on the Internet. A majority of users asked say they've stopped giving out personal information on the Web and 25% told Consumer Reports they've stopped buying online.

Adware is a $3 bln industry
Webroot Software estimates "adware" alone generates nearly $3 bln annually, based on financial disclosures from some companies that push such products.

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