Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Infosec market will never mature


Further to my previous opinion piece on Multifunction appliances a market gamble , I stumbled accross this excellent and entertaining piece by Steven Hofmyer on why the IT Security market is different to other technology markets and will "never mature". Some quotes from his piece:

"Clearly, getting all your goods from one location would be easier, but there are several reasons why this is unlikely to ever work in security. The IT security industry is different from other IT industries, because the nature of the problem is always changing. A solution that is effective today is useless tommorow, because the attackers are always coming up with new ways of compromising security. This requires continual innovation on the part of the defenders, and unfortunately, the big players are very poor at innovation. "

"Of course, the giants don't address these new threats effectively and so there is a feeding frenzy as the big boys snap up the small companies that do. So in the near future, we can see ongoing consolidation and mass extinction, but it won't last long: the next new threat will emerge and the whole process will repeat. Along the way, those giants that aren't nimble enough or lack foresight, believing they can rely on outdated technology, will topple. But the important point is that they can never get ahead of the game, they can never have the complete solution: that is just a pipe-dream."

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