Tuesday, November 08, 2005

McAfee endpoint solution launched

McAfee (Profile, Products, Articles) Inc. expects to release the first beta version of its McAfee Policy Enforcer software next week. The product will give the company a foothold in an emerging market for products that ensure that "end-point" devices such as desktop and notebook PCs are secured and within policy.

McAfee's software can find and scan devices on the network to ensure that computers have up-to-date patches and security software before giving them access to the network. Policy Enforcer is designed to be integrated with McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management and reporting software and will work with a variety of hardware, including Cisco Systems Inc. switches compatible with that company's NAC (Network Admission Control) technology and virtual private network products from Nortel Networks Corp. and Juniper Networks. The new product will bring McAfee into competition with rival Symantec Corp. in this emerging market. In August, Symantec acquired Sygate Technologies Inc., in Fremont, California, which sells similar end-point security products.

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