Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Australia Zombie crackdown

The Australian government on Monday recruited five Internet service providers to hunt down virus-infected computers used to send spam or launch denial-of-service attacks from within the country.

Senator Helen Coonan, minister for communications, information technology and the arts, launched the Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI), which is being run on a three-month trial basis by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Anthony Wing, manager of the anti-spam team at the ACMA, said that the application, which took "some months" to build, can identify computers located in Australia that are being used for "illicit reasons." "(The application) identifies IP addresses that have been used for illicit reasons; for example, spamming," Wing said. "There are a range of sensors...that identify them. Those infected IP addresses are then fed to the relevant ISP. They know who their customers are, so (they) can contact them."

The five ISPs will regularly receive a list of IP addresses identifying those computers on their networks that have been demonstrating "zombie-like" behavior. The ISPs then will be responsible for contacting customers and helping disinfect their computers or disconnect them from the Internet altogether.

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