Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Worms take aim at IM and P2P

Yes, I am on the IM and P2P security bandwaggon again!

The number of threats detected for IM and peer-to-peer networks rose a whopping 3,295 percent in the third quarter of 2005, compared with last year, IMlogic said in a statement Monday. That brings the total year-to-date increase for 2005 over the previous year to 2,083 percent, the security software maker said.And as the attacks increase in number, they also get smarter, IMlogic said. Worm writers are coming up with more effective ways to get people to click on links to their malicious code, and worms can increasingly hop from one IM network to another, it noted.The numbers echo data reported by Akonix Systems, a rival vendor of IM security products. Last week, Akonix said it identified a record 25 IM pests in September, with seven new threats. The number of attacks in the third quarter averaged just more than one per day, Akonix said.

Businesses can use products from various providers, including IMlogic, Akonix and FaceTime Communications, to protect against IM pests and manage IM usage.

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