Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Combat spyware at the gateway

Well it looks like its official: The Network World Clear Choice Test of enterprise spyware suggests the gateway approach might be the best starting point for IT managers wanting to shore up defense quickly. However the report notes that mobile laptops should also be protected with a software solution.

A gateway can filter out spyware at least as well as desktop software, based on the test of 18 products. Tester Barry Nance found gateways easier to administer than desktop machines. Plus, "users can't fool with it," as they might with their desktop software, Nance says. Analysts weighing the pros and cons of the basic strategies also point out that the cost to install a gateway in many instances is going to be low in comparison with installing anti-spyware software on the desktop.

"The gateway alternative works reasonably well to reduce the impact of spyware, is less expensive to operate and maintain than desktop mitigation, consumes fewer overall resources and is readily controlled," says a security report titled "Enterprise Strategies for Defending Against Spyware" from Burton Group.

ClearChoice awards went to McAfee for their Secure Web Gateway and Tech Assist's Omniquad AntiSpy Enterprise desktop product
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