Wednesday, May 25, 2005

#48 Ransom-Ware

Here's a new one for the books.

It would seem that "unorganised" crime in the form of hackers have taken a cue from their more organised bretheren for extortion.

Computer users already anxious about viruses and identity theft have new reason to worry: Hackers have found a way to lock up the electronic documents on your computer and then demand $200 over the internet to get them back. Security researchers at Websense uncovered the unusual extortion plot when a corporate customer they would not identify fell victim to the infection, which encrypted files that included documents, photographs and spreadsheets.A ransom note left behind included an e-mail address, and the attacker using the address later demanded $200 for the digital keys to unlock the files.

The new type of attack has been dubbed "Ransom-Ware"
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