Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smart handhelds are dumb security risk

#101 Nearly half of UK businesses do not secure smart handheld devices to the same high level they secure laptop computers. Given the explosion of Blackberry devices and the wireless email-on the go phenomenon, this is likely to create security problems in the future.

Researchers from Quocirca found increasing use of connected devices but few businesses taking action to secure data or access to the machines. The problem is made worse by low levels of user support and training from companies' internal IT departments. As with my company these days, the users go an buy their own PDA's and then demand wireless email from the IT Department who are struggling to keep up with demand.

Quocirca points out that most of the barriers to securing mobile devices are human not technical. It recommends companies set policies for use of smart devices and make sure workers know what it is. Researchers noted that the vast majority of devices are not even protected by a simple password.
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