Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thriving market for stolen data

#93 With all this data and identity theft going on and grabbing headlines, some of you must be wondering "Now what do the thieves actually do with all the data they steal?".

This fascinating article takes you into the underworld of stolen data peddlars and how there is a thriving online market for their stolen gains.The online trade in credit card and bank account numbers, and other consumer information, is highly structured. There are buyers and sellers, intermediaries and even service industries.

A visit to one such site, can prove fascintaing for those interested in how they operate (if it is still available, it seems to get removed and then reappears magicaly from time to time). "Want drive fast cars?" asks an advertisement in broken English atop the Web site "Want live in premium hotels? Want own beautiful girls? It's possible with dumps from ZoOmer." (a dump is a credit card number and other details stolen from some hapless soul)
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