Thursday, June 30, 2005

3rd CSO Interchange meets

#99 Chief Security Officers Gather at 3rd CSO Interchange in Chicago to Address Key Security Concerns.CSO Interchange provides a forum for Chief Security Officers at corporations, government agencies and other organizations to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and learn from the real-world experiences of their peers. Policy compliance, internal security threats and increased job complexity topped the list of concerns for more than 60 security executives who met yesterday.

According the survey, nearly 100% of CSOs feel they are well prepared to handle spam, worms and viruses, denial of service attacks, and hacker attacks. However, 88% feel their organizations are least prepared to handle inadvertent loss of data, social engineering and inappropriate use. In addition, 75% reported their jobs have become more difficult or substantially more difficult than they were last year.

Additional findings from the survey include:
  • 64% of CSOs surveyed are more concerned about compliance this year than they were last year, and 38% report their budget for compliance solutions grew during the past year;
  • 74% say their organization must comply with more than five laws and regulations;
  • 68% say their security budget is less than 10% of their total IT budget;
  • 83% outsource less than 10% of their security, and 40% do not outsource security processes at all;
  • 70% feel they do not receive sufficient early warning for cyberattacks.
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