Friday, July 15, 2005

Security Wrap email Digest

We now compile a quarterly HTML eMail Digest of all the previous months' postings. The digest normally gets sent out two to three weeks after the last month of the quarter has closed, so RSS feeds, daily email digests and this web site are still the best place to obtain up to date information.

The quarterly digest contains an analysis of the previous months' most important events and what they mean or what trends they indicate. It also contains a list of the most read (popular) stories as well as the top ten high-impact events for the month. Finally it lists a shortened text version of every single posting made in the months. If you are interested in a story you can click through to the full posting on the blog web site.

Simply email with subject title "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME" together with your name, company and country to receive the monthly digest. These details are not used for any other purposes other than to send you the monthly digest.

Email the same address with subject title "UNSUBSCRIBE ME" if you wish to stop receiving the digest and have your details removed from our database.
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