Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shocking e-mail stats

#110. Now heres something shocking to think about from two seperate articles.

First, the horrendous news that just 10 per cent of all email is a genuine message, with the volume of spam email, phishing attacks, trojans and virus-infected email messages rising 600 per cent in the past year. While junk mail has been on the rise for some time, phishing spam and pharming viruses are growing fast. Read it over here.

Then, the dishearteneing news that users are flocking to read and buy from spam messages. Eleven per cent of the internet population buys goods that are advertised in spam email messages, according to a survey from Radicati Group.Those purchases however often didn't work out. Another nine per cent said they had lost money due to an email scam. Hey, those spam guys are onto a good business model right? Read it over here.
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