Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gartner magic quadrant for SIM

#84 Gartner have released their second magic quadrant for the Security Event Management Market. In a previous posting we discussed that most corporates are failing to introduce simple logging tools to monitor their security environment for breaches and to comply with legislation and accepted best practices.
The security information and event management market is driven by customers' need for better real-time awareness of external and internal threats, the need for security data analysis and reporting, and the need to monitor systems and report on security policy compliance. Primary adopters of this technology tend to be large organizations with complex IT infrastructure and dedicated IT security staff. Although many organizations have successfully deployed this technology, it remains complex to implement.
This is still a fragmented market in which no dominant vendor has emerged. The magic quadrant is faced with the same leaders as last time, some shuffling has occured in the top places but once again, no one leading or dominating vendor has emerged yet. Top players are e-Security, Intellitactics, Netforensics and ArcSight.

The summary can be found at the link embedded in this postings heading. If you have access privileges, you can sign-in to see the full report.If you do not have access, you will be able to purchase the report.
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