Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fallout predicted for credit card hack

#90 The full implications of the 40 million credit card details that were stolen in a daring hack yesterday are starting to make the surface. Security experts have warned that the recent massive cybersecurity breach could trigger a wave of phishing and virus attacks exploiting confusion around the theft.

Email users are being warned to be on the lookout for new social engineering techniques attempting to exploit the widely-publicised theft of up to 40 million credit card account details from a transaction processing firm. With a great many Discovery, MasterCard and Visa customers likely to be worried about the effect on them of the world's largest card security breach it is likely phishers will try to prey upon their uncertainty. Users may receive emails purporting to come from their credit card company asking them to enter their details and card numbers for the purposes of fraud protection or to reactivate their account. Often emails may even claim a fraud has been committed and against the backdrop of last week's data breach many users will assume that news is indeed legitimate.
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