Monday, June 13, 2005

Symantec launches Worm Simulator

#82 This is something that may be quite educational to some customers.

When a new worm spreads around the world, people want to know if they are protected. How fast is it? How does it spread? A new simulation program developed by Symantec Research Labs not only has the answers, it also provides pictures. The new Symantec Worm Simulator visually demonstrates how worms spread through the Internet, and how they fare against a custom network and security policy.

To use the Worm Simulator, all users need to do is load a simulation file and click “play.” The Worm Simulator is distributed with simulations of six actual worms: MyDoom, Netsky, Sasser, Slammer, Blaster, and SoBig. Each simulation is tailored to accurately represent how the real worm spread in the wild. As entirely new worms appear in the wild, simulations of these worms can be constructed to demonstrate the worm's characteristics to users.

You can download the Worm Simulator here
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