Monday, May 16, 2005

Spyware takes pole position

Spyware has overtaken Spam as a top concern for IT managers. A recent posting on this blog discussed the $2Bn Spyware and Adware issue.

A question that begs answering is "What desktop products are the best for addressing this?" Whilst it is understood that integrated approaches to spyware through appliances is likely to overtake the desktop client-only solution in the future, the fact of the matter is that desktop client software is where these tool are being deployed now.

After having returned from my recent US trip with a spyware infected laptop from the local hotel wireless link (and yes I had the corporate McAfee 8.0i activated!) I realised that this was a serious issue to my personal security and productivity and did some research to see what Spyware software I should load onto my PC (as clearly McAfee wasn't doing the job).

A recent comparison done in "What Laptop?" magazine showed some shocking information that in fact the heavyweights such as McAfee and Symantec's products faired very poorly whereas top spot went to Microsofts AntiSpyware Beta (using the Giant engine) and Sunbelt Software Counterspy (also using the Giant engine) and then Webroot Spysweeper, who all detected 85% plus of all the Adware and Spyware thrown at them in the tests. McAfee scraped up a 30% detection only and some other big names mustered a 10% detection rate.

I downloaded the Microsoft Beta and the installation went without a hitch. The initial scan found and removed the three programs that were proving impossible for me to remove from my laptop and after a month I cannot say that I have had any complaints.
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