Monday, May 16, 2005

AT&T to drop third-party security for its own software

I had to double check the date on this article to ensure it was not April 1st!

Can you believe this - AT&T publicily stating that they are throwing out all their firewalls, IDSes etc because they are confident that the 350 people they have developing security software for their network can do a better job. Looking ahead, AT&T will rely on custom-built software to protect the global backbone network used by its customers.

"We'll put our own software directly into the network," said Eslambolchi, who also is AT&T's chief technology officer. The outside technology targeted for elimination includes firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, tools for protecting against denial-of-service attacks and even e-mail spam filtering products.

Now I know security is converging into the network, but AT&T must have big ganoonies to go public on this one and state that they dont need the wares of Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper etc.
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